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Reduce Turn-Over Rates

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About Bluegrass Staffing & Training


Bluegrass Staffing & Training is an exciting new staffing venture! With 20 years experience in the training business, and helping trainees find employment, we are growing into larger staffing roles.


I have access to candidate pools throughout the US by a network of employment contacts I have built over the years, to draw upon. It is my task to thoroughly search for applicants, comprehensively interview, select and deliver precise candidates for you to choose from.

With the down-turn of the mining industry in the eastern part of the state, I have access to a workforce of men and women that have a tremendous work ethic and are looking for permanent employment. I want to help them find gainful employment, which in turn will reduce a company’s turn-over and thereby create more profit for your company.


Your business is growing and so many opportunities are available for you. You don’t need to spend time searching for job candidates. You need to focus on running your business. I’m well qualified to perform the interviewing, drug testing (if needed) and selecting the best candidates for your review. 


I am interested in your success! And, by finding quality candidates to help make your business profitable is my highest priority. I was once in the mining business, and I know how critical it is to having a workforce that’s like “family” to stand by you, and help you implement your success. That’s my goal for you, too. 


Whether it be general labor, medical staffing, truck drivers, financial planning, Direct Hires or contract labor you won’t be disappointed in Bluegrass Staffing & Training’s services to your company. 

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